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In this page I will collect every book (normally in djvu format) I’ve used or I will use in order to make my svg images. Feel free to download and reuse them as you wish as everyone of them is out of copyright. You can also download the books from If a book was originally downloaded from somewhere else I will write the original link in its description.

Insecta. Orthoptera. Volume 1, Henri de Saussure, 1893-1899 (Full descriptions of many cockroaches genera complete with very detailed colour and b/w tables)

Insecta. Orthoptera. Volume 2, Lawrence Bruner, Robert Shelford 1900-1909 (a detailed discussion about Acriididae and phasmids with many b/w tables)

Key to the identification of Blaberus

Key to the identification of cockroaches

The physiognomy of insects, William L. Brown, 1927

American entomology, Thomas Say, 1824

A contribute towards an encyclopedia of insect anatomy, Robert E. Snodgrass, 1963

Arcana entomologica (vol. 1), J.O. Westwood, 1845 (a very nice book with many plates in black and white) – Also available with colour images here

British insects, W. Percival Westell, missing publication year. A short book with nice intext b/w images

The book of nature study (volume 1), J. Bretland Farmer, undated. A book about animals in general with a short section about insects. Many intext b/w drawings.

Gli insetti, loro organizzazione, sviluppo, abitudini e rapporto con l’uomo, A. Berlese (1909). A monumental work about insects written in Italian with hundreds of b/w drawings and descriptions. Here it is volume 2 (1925) in pdf

Faune entomologique de l’Ocean Pacifique, J. Tastu, 1835. A short book with many b/w illustrations of butterlflies and coleoptera. Real good quality for the time it was released.

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